How Dropbox make our life simplified


Start a dropbox, Fresh content, Update frequently. but pretty simple and easy than you think right now.

above 3 word is a good quote that explains my style-managing and arranging and storing file very well.

I am a overseas and sales man in my firm, and there r so many things to ?arrange and review. ?but….. how I can save an enormous amount of time and how I can take all i need meticulously.

Imagine how much time you wasted from a laborious things about file.

Dropbox’s slogan is ‘simplify your life’. and this make my business life simple and easy and smart than i expected.

the image below is a screen-shot from my laptop. I’ll go straight to you. just click 1 as i checked below.

and you can see my business folder dropbox supplying. and move file to this folder then you just can download on your tablet such as I-pad or whatever as soon as you do.






사진 (1)

the image above is a screen-shot from my I-pad on application called ” PDF Reader.


many hard storage company has supplied a web hard, we don’t need to bring removable hard disk drive when you got a business trip or class to have a presentation.

but as we know, it was a lot of work to upload and download. it is absolutely a laborious thing, if you not, at least for me. I’m tired about those things. I’m tired of uploading every single file whenever I need. I’m tired of downloading those files after log-out someone’s Id, log-in my clould Id. Because you know what……


my point is here.

Dropdbox show us that reducing just one-step from a number of step could make our life more simplified.

I had no idea how just one only step was going to affect our process, business, life.

and I had no idea how Dropbox was going to help my work efficient.

but they do.

I beg young people like a college student to use and adapt this amazing Dropbox. and I wish everybody could their own life more simple and optimized.

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