Logitech Ultrathin I-pad Keyboard Cover

Logitech Ultrathin Ipad Keyboard cover

As soon as i see this keyboard in department store, i decided to purchase it.

Part smart cover, part keyboard. when it comes to a design perspective, Cover is a good companion to the I-pad.

Its chicklet keys are small, but not too small for heavy usage, and users can choose between 3 color model to suit their individual tastes.


via the power of magnets, it easily connects and detaches and when in the closed position, protects your I-pad’s screen from harm.

the unit is powered by an internal, rechargeable battery that seemed to last forever. I casually used the I-pad and this cover for 4-day without having to charge it up. and then mini-USB cable makes this keyboard charge it up as well.


and then,?each key on the keyboard have each function. I was very impressed at how much motion the unit could withstand without losing the I-pad from the keyboard cover. They keyboard itself features a number of function keys, such as copy and paste, and even multimedia keys for controlling music, etc.


when it comes to design, this cover make I-pad’s appearance better.


2just imagine you are now in cafe or library or wherever, an eye-catching design, Ipad+Ultrathin cover keyboard would attract public gaze.


the only one disadvantage is impossible for the keyboard cover to swing around to the back of the I-pad when opened allowing you to keep it connected and use the tablet in “tablet mode”. with its current design, the keyboard cover disconnects from the I-Pad if opened too far and that leaves you with two objects to hold instead of just one when wanting to use the I-pad as a straight tablet device.


Overall, I recommend you to purchase if you are a blogger with tablet, or business man who have a lot of biz trip(perfect for mail, note), college student who want to attract public gaze in library, cafe. I am totally satisfied right now. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover retails for about US$100.


사진This is an authentication of my purchase.

thank you!


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