Travelling Hongkong with my friends


My strong belief has always been that it’s much better to dive in and bond with new people in a new place with your valuable friends because in the end, you really never know where it might lead. You might have travel plans in place that will take you both to opposite ends of the world, but perhaps after spending time together with a new friend you decide that your friendship is more important or your potential relationship is more important, and you re-arrange your trips as a result. Maybe you plan to meet up later in the year, maybe you decide to cancel those flights you had booked for next month and travel together for some more time or maybe you decide to return to one of your home countries together for a while. Or maybe you just say goodbye to your new friend or friends, content with the idea that there’s always a chance you’ll run into each other again somewhere.

This year Marco visited me in Korea for a week from Hongkong where he has been studying the master degree, And I visited Switzerland for sole purpose to visit Sary with my parents. And finally, we got all together in Hongkong with Mr.Han.

During 4 night in Hongkong with my friends, Marco, Sary, Han, we have met new friends Pia, Jeab, Yvione and many people. In the apartment we rented for 2night via air b&b, we invited those friends into our BBQ Party.

In Lan Kwai Fong, Causeway, Tsim Sha Tsui, everywhere we left our foot prints, we have met many people.

Every person you meet, anywhere in the world, could potentially be your next friend, maybe an extremely close friend, or perhaps a long-term partner or even a spouse. You just don’t know, and at least in my opinion, I’d rather meet as many people as possible, to bond and become friends with all those I connect with, to share great moments and memories and to know that some of these friendships will last, somehow, some way, despite having to say goodbye. Not all last, many fizzle quickly but some most definitely make it through the challenges of the traveling lifestyle.

As I mentioned, I’m always meeting up with friends I’ve met throughout my travels, no matter where I happen to be in the world, and I’m easily able to stay connected with those I really bond with via email, Skype, Whatsapp, Kakao and other methods. And that’s why, if I have a chance to meet someone new or spend time with someone I think could become a good friend, I simply won’t turn away, even knowing that soon I might already have to say goodbye. Instead, I go in with the mindset that life is full of surprises and that every “hello” I say and every hand I shake, could change my life forever.

The reason this trip with friends in Hongkong was more delightful was we have met many people and become friends. It’s always something joyful to meet a new friends in other countries.

Lastly, I cannot tell how glad I was about the trip with my old friends. When we first said good bye 5 years ago with Marco, Sary after 1 semester of their exchanging, we never expected we were going to be a real closed friends like now.

Without a moment hesitation, I am convinced that the older we get, the more closer we will be even though we live geographically far away each other. We care what’s going on in their lives and they care about what’s going on in my life.

Pictures below show what happened in Hongkong.




thumb_IMG_2233_1024 35 34. Duck dinner 33. Ship transportation 32. What a coincidence 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23. Two cool guy 22. Flower boy 21 20 19. All together 18. Jeab Join 17. All selfie 16. Pia Marco Sary 15 14. BBQ preparation 13. Hongkong third day 12, Hongkong 11. Hongkong Champagne 10. Next day lunch 9. Marco Join to lKF 8. First night with Sary 7. Sary and Han 6. BBQ 5. Hongkong Airbnb Accommodation 4. Hongkong Lan Kwai Fong 3. Hongkong park 2.Hongkong Causeway 1.Hongkong Causeway





2 thoughts on “Travelling Hongkong with my friends

  1. han

    I agree with your opinion
    It was my first overseas trip. So I was looking forward to this trip. And as a result It was great.
    I didn’t express my emotion well at first but Alex helped me a lot of things that make relationship with foreign friends and treat them with respect and such.
    I appeciate it and miss Hongkong, many friends that I met in there.

  2. Fatima

    This reminds me of so many things!!!! I so agree with your message, and I am happy to see that you are still the same great guy That I have met years ago!


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